Matata is a small rural coastal town located in the heart of the Bay Of Plenty region of New Zealand.  It is centrally located to Rotorua, Whakatane and Tauranga.  It houses a small wonderful community of friendly, easy go lucky people.  Matata is a swarm of activity ranging from local events such as the annual sunshine festival where locals and the wider community are able to enjoy festivities like train rides, helicopter rides, food stalls and amazing in house entertainment. 

Matata has a small population of around 666 people.  Matata is cloaked by the Rangitiaiki Ranges and is adorned by tangaroa himself.  The food is plentiful, the spirits are high and the people are fantastic. 

The small community has alot to offer, tennis courts, netball courts, fastfood outlets, resource centre with internet access and photocopying services, small library, health centre, opp shops, dairies, wholesales and the local tavern.  We also have a range of local community initiatives that are linked into local government agencies.

Matata is my home town.  I was born and raised here, amongst the ferns of the Rangitaiki Plains.  The bush was my playground, the sea was my swimming pool, and my neighbours were often my home away from home.  Growing up in Matata was special, the people here slept with their doors and windows open, you were welcomed into any home you walked into, everyone knew everyone.  The local cop was also your uncle or auntie, and knew your parents, so it wasn't worth getting into trouble because your parents were almost the first ones to find out anyway. 

The teachers were also like family so there was no getting up to any mischief either at school.  No going behind the bike sheds, or no kissing the boys.  The community was always filled with fun, laughter and love.  It certainly was a great place to grow up in.  You would walk down the road and borrow the cousins bike to go for a ride on.  The beach was always a prime spot during summer.  The lagoon was the ultimate fishing area for eeling and spotlighting.  Kayaking was another activity we use to do in the lagoon.  Or how about making your own bows and arrows.

The Rugby and Sports Club was often another weekend activity with JAB rugby.  The firebrigade were always training on the fields.  Matata is definitely the place to be to seek solitude, serenity and humour.

This page is dedicated to all those who I grew up with, and to those who are wanting to know what Matata is like.  Matata is an ongoing work in progress, and I will help deliver to you the most recent events, and a personal view of our town.  Please make contact if you have anything you wish to add to the site.

Matata is full of rich history and you can see it all around you, from the Old Matata Public School Gateway, to the old Moe Lees Step toe and Son store (no longer with us due to a fire that devastated the building), to the three marae that are located in the township.  Ah yes, Matata is full of history, you just have to ask the locals to find out the stories of the days gone by.

Warmest Regards

Erana Leaf

Matata site administrator/creator

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